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Starting a Kernel Mode Driver Project in Visual Studio 2013     View
Handling I/O Requests in a KMDF Drivers     View
PNP Device Stacks in Windows     View
PNP Device Detection     View
Synchronization Techniques in a Kernel Mode Driver (KMDF)     View
User buffer Access from a Kernel Mode Driver     View
Handling Interrupts in a KMDF Driver     View
DMA Considerations in a KMDF Driver     View
Setting up an Interactive Kernel Debugging Session     View
Windows Driver Models     View


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Components of the Linux OS     View
Building Kernel Modules for Linux     View
Handling User I/O Requests     View
Character Device Considerations     View
Block Device Driver Considerations     View


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The Android Kernel     View
The Android Framework     View
Writing Native Code for Android using the NDK     View
Debugging native Code on Android     View
Initializing and Using the Android Development Kit (ADK)     View